Who the hell do I think I am?

"Who do you think you are?!?" If I only had a penny for every time I've heard that! But seriously, who am I to dole out my commentary and opinions? Well, besides being a pretty bossy broad, I have a pretty unique background as a career gypsy, and not many people can say that! I am a Cuban-Colombian American who was raised in a very traditional Hispanic household, was a full fledges administrative assistant by age 12, had my first job outside of the home a few years later and in addition to being a marketer, I have:
- Been a retail buyer: Try not to pay full price for anything!
- Modeled: Looks are very deceiving!
- Worked as a wardrobe stylist: Just because it's in your size does not mean you should put it on!
- Worked in the travel industry as a Product manager for a tour operator, and a hotelier: Travel people, it makes you appreciate your home more.
- A mother who's an estheticienne and thanks to her teachings and genes, so far so good!

So there. Read on. Use what you like. Laugh when you want. Think what you want, but come back because the next post may be what you needed to hear!

With much tough love,

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fear not the brush!

Or the concealer, or the hairdryer. Seriously ladies, I know we're all busy and have far too much on our plates, but love thyself. I see women everyday that would look, and feel, so much better if they just brushed their hair! How can it be that we've gone from the fabulous world of flapper girls to the bleck world of sweats? I am the first to admit that looks are not everything, after all I'm no beauty queen, but I am a glamour puss, and you could be too! Think of me as the stranger that tells you there's toilet paper on your shoe. You're a little embarrassed, wonder why your friends didn't bother to mention it, but grateful somebody said something.

Let's be frank. There is no such thing as gender equality. There never will be. As far as I'm concerned some bitch burns her bra in the 60s and I'm stuck opening my own doors and carrying my bags?! Not to mention the fact that we work more than men, earn less, carry the home and raise the kids (manny's & stay-at-home dad's, all 5 of you, please excuse me). Although these things are a part of life that despite my best efforts I alone cannot change, I WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO TAKE MY FEMININITY!

So, ladies...repeat after me:
  • I will not leave the house without some form of makeup (the amount of makeup increases with age, but a little concealer, lip gloss and mascara goes a long way)!
  • I will not wear sweats anywhere except the gym (seriously, have you looked at your ass in those things? And the sweats with words, no matter how much they cost, are no better)!
  • Uggs are fugly (need I say more).
  • I will at the very least put my hair in a ponytail (or do something that tells me I ♥ myself)
  • Heels are my friends.
  • If the butt sags in my pants, I will throw them away.
  • I will love the woman in me and by doing so, my daughter will also love herself.
  • I will not confuse being feminine and glamorous with being smart (these things actually go hand in hand, frankly it's hard for me to consider someone of no substance beautiful).
  • Glasses can be chic (embrace your thing, just do it with a little flair)
  • I will not let any man out-dress me (drag sistah's, I ♥ u, I learn a lot from you, but I'm the real deal)!
  • Just because it fits, or is in fashion DOES NOT MEAN IT'S FOR YOU (it's more important to look good than to be "hip", find the style that fits you!!)
You can do it. No one will laugh. Yes, significant others will wonder what's going on, but don't let that stop you. There are thousands of how-to makeup videos on you tube, the style network is about...style, and being broke is not an excuse, there's a lot of glam in thrift and discount stores. Try it for a week and you will see that the world will look at you with a little more respect, and that you will feel better, walk a little taller...and you may even learn how to sashay!


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