Who the hell do I think I am?

"Who do you think you are?!?" If I only had a penny for every time I've heard that! But seriously, who am I to dole out my commentary and opinions? Well, besides being a pretty bossy broad, I have a pretty unique background as a career gypsy, and not many people can say that! I am a Cuban-Colombian American who was raised in a very traditional Hispanic household, was a full fledges administrative assistant by age 12, had my first job outside of the home a few years later and in addition to being a marketer, I have:
- Been a retail buyer: Try not to pay full price for anything!
- Modeled: Looks are very deceiving!
- Worked as a wardrobe stylist: Just because it's in your size does not mean you should put it on!
- Worked in the travel industry as a Product manager for a tour operator, and a hotelier: Travel people, it makes you appreciate your home more.
- A mother who's an estheticienne and thanks to her teachings and genes, so far so good!

So there. Read on. Use what you like. Laugh when you want. Think what you want, but come back because the next post may be what you needed to hear!

With much tough love,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I understand...

Wait!!  Before you go calling Child Protective Services, get down off your soapbox and your idealisms and LET'S GET REAL.  

Background:  I am very traditional when it comes to parenting and family life.  I am Cuban-Colombian and was raised in a highly traditional home a-la "old school".  Time out's didn't exist, the bottom was created for spanking, and we got spanked "cantando" where the spanks coincide with the syllables. 

Now, I will restate this, my husband and I decided as a unit that we would not spank our kids (ages 4 & 2).  Thankfully we have been able to stick to this.  There are loved ones that we know who believe in spanking, and that's their prerogative.  That's their child.  Yes, there are studies and data showing that spanking only makes for a more violent child, but not everyone believes everything they read.  Then there's the old adage, "My parents spanked me and I turned out ok", but really that can be applied to anything, just change the word spanked to abandoned, traumatized, loved, hated, spoiled, whatever, with the exceptions of the Ted Bundy's of the world "ok" is a pretty safe catch-all.

Is it obvious at this point that I don't want my kids to turn out "ok"?  I try to educate myself, I pray, I drink, I take "calmantes", just to that my kids are under the impression that they have a level headed mother...and then my daughter turned 4...

She is a smart girl, and she know how to push mommy's crazy button, and I haven't been able to figure out how to disable that damn thing.  So when I'm being "calm" and speaking to her clearly and slowly (like the crazed maniac she can be) and she is doing this hoppy, flip-floppy fish dance, whining, faux-crying and making other noises likened to hyperventilating, I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND what would drive a parent to turn their little monster around and slap them on the butt.  Since I don't partake, I instead try distraction, conversation, separation, threats, rescinding of privileges,  and then I turn into the you-wanna-see-mommy-mad-well-you-did-it-now banshee.

Hey, I said I didn't spank, I didn't say I was perfect!!  LOL!!!

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