Who the hell do I think I am?

"Who do you think you are?!?" If I only had a penny for every time I've heard that! But seriously, who am I to dole out my commentary and opinions? Well, besides being a pretty bossy broad, I have a pretty unique background as a career gypsy, and not many people can say that! I am a Cuban-Colombian American who was raised in a very traditional Hispanic household, was a full fledges administrative assistant by age 12, had my first job outside of the home a few years later and in addition to being a marketer, I have:
- Been a retail buyer: Try not to pay full price for anything!
- Modeled: Looks are very deceiving!
- Worked as a wardrobe stylist: Just because it's in your size does not mean you should put it on!
- Worked in the travel industry as a Product manager for a tour operator, and a hotelier: Travel people, it makes you appreciate your home more.
- A mother who's an estheticienne and thanks to her teachings and genes, so far so good!

So there. Read on. Use what you like. Laugh when you want. Think what you want, but come back because the next post may be what you needed to hear!

With much tough love,

Friday, September 21, 2007

Here we go!

Ok, here I am. My 1st blog. Hmmmm, where to start...well, hello me (and you if you're reading). I am a career gypsy who has somehow worked her way into being a mom (of a 20 month old), and am currently pregnant (again! Jesus!). I work, all the time it seems. But I have a job where I receive monetary compensation, then I am a mommy, a daughter of a highly needy mother, a wife of a cavemen (yes! they still exist), and somehow, someway, I still stive to be me (whatever that means).

What else...I love shoes (hello! who doesn't), I don't understand why there was an uproar and an impeachment trial over a blowjob yet there's a muderous jokel in the whitehouse for two terms and everyone seems ok with that, I think there is no such thing as common sense, and I love chocolate.

Other than that, I'm just a gal who wrote her 1st blog! Guau! (pronounced wow in spanglish)

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